Assessing ICT Literacy Skills of Research Students of University of Pune

Sadanand Y Bansode


Many type of information is available on the web, which is accessible and available 24x7 to users. As such the web have both types of information free as well as subscribed, as the information is easy to search and retrieve using many search strategies users are more attracted towards the web. In order to retrieve the information available on the web it is necessary that the users should have proper knowledge of information and communication technology. Only retrieval is not sufficient, but the user needs to evaluate and use the information in a right ethical manner then and then only he/she may be recognized as information literate. Attempt is been made to assess the literacy skills of the students to access information from the web and found that they require to develop some skills such as of copyright and plagiarism so as to use the information in a proper way.


ICT literacy, Evaluation of information, Copyright, Search engine

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