Zakir Hossain


Vietnam approved a decision to build a Learning Society by 2020 and in this regard the country established a Lifelong Learning Center namely SEAMEO Center for Lifelong Learning under the auspices of Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) and UNESCO Institute of Lifelong Learning. The country also aims to implement and develop lifelong learning activities in libraries, museums, and cultural center clubs to achieve this national ambition. As the concern authority believes that libraries can be a potential catalyst for Learning Society project, it is also essential to measure the possibilities and challenges of Vietnam’s libraries. This study, therefore, tried to explore Vietnam’s library readiness by measuring present library activities, service standards and reading habits of Vietnam’s people. This paper also reveals interconnection between library, lifelong learning and the learning society. A way forward, the paper shows how Vietnam’s library would be a potential catalyst for improving the reading habits and creating lifelong learners for building a Learning Society in Vietnam.


Learning Society; Library; Lifelong Learning; Reading Habits; Vietnam

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