S. M. Rokade


The paper describes the changing scenario of farming; informational need of farmers, information sources used by the farmers, present status of agricultural university and ICAR Institutes libraries in Maharashtra, design of integrated farming information system, need and objectives of system. The survey of the informational need and sources used by the farmers for accessing information in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra (India) in tribal and backward region was carried out in support of study. It was found that 100% farmers required information on weather and forecasting, 98% cropping system, 97% farm cultivation, 90% solar energy for irrigation. The farmers of rural areas are accessing information 96% slogans, 93% songs or call of particular birds to start the sowing in the farm, 84% Calendar and Almanac, 68% Agri-exhibition organized by the various agencies, 61% pamphlets and 60% from Newspapers, 82% Radio and there is 05% Internet. The farmers of urban area are getting information from 95% Internet, 93% Libraries, 80% Kisan Call Centers, 76% Magazines, 65% Mobiles Message, 51% Television and 40% Newspapers.


Farming; Farmers; Informational need of farmers; Sources of Information; Integrated Information System; ICAR and University libraries

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