Janaki Sinnasamy


The concept of Library Anxiety was formulated by Constance A. Mellon (1986). A quantitative instrument to measure library anxiety known as the Library Anxiety Scale was developed by Sharon Bostick (1992). Since then, there had been a significant increase in research studies related to library anxiety both. The recurring factor which prevails in these studies, particularly among non-native speakers of English, is that, barriers with staff and the use of English language are among the important antecedents to library anxiety. The objective of this study is to explore if there is a correlation among library anxiety, communication anxiety and foreign language anxiety. The instruments used are LAS, FLCAS and PRCA-24. It was revealed that there is a correlation among the three anxieties. The strongest relationship was found in library anxiety subscales ‘affective barriers’ and ‘barriers with staff’ with dimensions of foreign language anxiety and communication anxiety.


Communication anxiety, Foreign language anxiety, Library anxiety

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