N. B. Dahibhate, S. K. Patil


Applications of ICT made an impact on various elements and among them educational and information system are concerned more and also related to information and knowledge society. In educational system e-learning and distance learning is emerging fast and needs use of electronic resources in educational system. The main function of information system is to assist users in different fields as well as educational sector to fulfil their needs using sharable electronic resources and acquiring qualitative information in e-form as well as using advanced technology. Libraries and information centres have already accepted the use of ICT and automated their libraries. The progress continued and creation of digital libraries is in the process. Uses of the Internet and web resources are used to share the information by both library professionals and scholarly community.
Social media tools are helping libraries in providing collaborative, shared, participative, remix able, user centered services to their users faster and at any time. Library services need to be shifted towards value added services to meet the growing needs of end users. Tools like Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Slideshare, Blogging, Forums, Wikis, Twitter, Ning and YouTube etc are currently among the most frequently used tools in libraries for dissemination of information. Libraries and information centres are incorporating use of social media tools to offer best service to their users using technology. This paper made an effort to elaborate the use of social media tools for managing library services which is the need of present and future using new technologies based on mobiles and cloud computing for education, teaching, learning, research, etc. In brief paper highlighted impact of media tools and technologies on library and information services, and analysed the challenges and skills required by information professionals in digital environment


Library and information services; Social media tools; User centric services; Value added services

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