Thai-lisforum: Discussion Forum for Library & Information Professionals in Thailand

Sujin Butdisuwan, E. Rama Reddy


Online Discussion forums work better for specific Communities/professionals in the organizations. These forums serve as a platform to get quick answers for questions of the member/professional staff. The dynamic developments in ICT applications are challenging libraries in their functioning, and the Library and Information Science (LIS) departments in designing the curriculum. It is time that teaching and learning should be based on the market needs and reflected in their curriculum on the needs and necessities of public, students, researchers, and faculty members to participate in building knowledge societies.

It is the age of cooperative learning and practicing to provide efficient services in the libraries. At present, in Thailand, most of the teachers and practitioners in LIS are working independently, developing their programs and managing their libraries. There is greater need for LIS professionals to be constantly in touch with each other in exchanging ideas and solving issues quickly and efficiently. As a first step in this direction, an e-mail based discussion forum under the name “thai-lisforum” needs to be created to facilitate the professionals to interact through this facility by posting the issues and resolving them.

This paper elaborates the process in setting up a discussion forum for LIS professionals in Thailand using the e-mail facilities. The paper also details the set up of the ‘thai-lisforum’ using Google Group facility as a test bed.


Discussion forum; social networks; thai-lisforum; LIS profession in Thailand

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