Real Estate Information and the Web:Developing Guidelines for service providers of Maha Sarakham

Phatthira Suwannako, Natita Waiyahong


The study’s objective is to examine the needs of Maha Sarakham real estate information searches on websites. The results show that various sources of information were used by the participants. Advertising is the source of information that was used most, followed by web search engine, bank sites, real estate sites, friends, relatives, acquaintances, television, general websites and discussion boards, respectively. The study reveals that nine out of ten participants needed to search real estate information while one did not need to. The reasons to search real estate information are: to find sources of funding, to watch market dynamics, to learn the clients’ needs, to get up to date comprehensive specific information on real estate. And the one who does not want to search for information as of non-Internet experience use. For real estate information types that the participants wishes to have on a website included financial policy, public and private sector projects, public consumption system policy, real estate law, used house, mortgage foreclosure lists, real estate loan, situation summary, construction material price, house and property plans, investment sources, broker list and mid price.


Real Estate Information, Maha Sarakham Real Estate, Web Based Information

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